This is the number one reason entrepreneur’s waste money and time. They start a business and when asked what they do, they simply go on and on confusing their audience. When you tell someone what you do, you don’t want to see the look of pure confusion. You want to ensure they know exactly what you do and how you serve your client’s. But many have a hard time doing this.

The more specific you are the more client’s you get. Why? Because when they know exactly how you can help them, they flock to you. Remember, a confused mind does not buy.

Let’s go into further clarification on getting real clear on your service and/or product.

  1. You need to be crystal clear on what your service and/or product is or does. If you tell someone what you do and they look at you with a puzzled look or ask for more clarification, you aren’t getting a clear message across. If you can’t explain it well, how do you expect your potential client’s to know how you can help them?
  2. What are the gaps you fill that others in your industry are not?
  3. Keep everyone and everybody out of your vocabulary. You want to be specific.
  4. What value do you provide that can help them solve an issue or get farther in their lives and business?
  5. Pay attention to the words your competition uses when they describe their values and benefits.
  6. What makes you different then the next guy or gal that provides the same service and/or product?

We recommend you map this out.

Once you get real clear on what you do you can clarify who your target client or audience will be. This is very important in order for you to be able to:

– market on the right social platforms,

– get the proper wording in place on your website,

– figure out your offers, network, and spread the word.

We will be going into even more detail of how to find your ideal client in another blog post, stay tuned.

Here’s to your entrepreneurial success.